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Walt Stawicki

Sales Associate

Walter Stawicki has an extensive background in publishing, advertising, sales, marketing, cutting-edge technology and protocol fund-raising and social commitment. Walter has been a principal and an investor in many companies in healthcare, biotechnology, publishing and communications. He was the founder of, an Internet Service Provider and Technology services company as well as the online portal, AbstractPublishing.Com.
He holds an undergraduate degree from Loyola University of Chicago and a Master of Science in Strategy and Management from Northwestern University. As a member of Rotary One, Walter has had the privilege to know the diversity of Chicago, national and international, business, and political leaders. Truth, fairness, goodwill, and mutual benefit are common business and personal themes in his life. He has the experience and the perspective needed to understand the challenges of changing business environments and markets. He has been a lecturer at the Integritas Institute for Ethics at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He has also taught classes in negotiations and marketing throughout the years.


Walt Stawicki
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