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Bob Letzeisen

Sales Associate

Mr. Letzeisen is a Business-to-Business (B2B) Senior Software Sales leader who excels at solving complex business problems for clients while continually over-achieving performance targets. I understand how a well-managed Sales Process coupled with the right technologies adds value to both employer and the client business, provides a competitive edge, accelerates growth, and creates shareholder value. I am obsessed with my client’s successes, I inspire, collaborate, and motivate others around me. As an entrepreneur, I am a founder of two software companies which helped broaden my skills to include new product launch, marketing, project and product management.
His Specialties: SaaS Solution Sales, Overachieving Quota’s, customer retention and new logo acquisition. As a thought leader and innovator, quickly considered to be a trusted partner by the clients I serve. His Market Expertise: Government, Healthcare, Energy, and Higher Education. Always current with technologies and selling methodologies, recently certified with MEDDIC.


Bob Letzeisen
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