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Rifle/Shotgun Grips

Tactical product solutions must add every advantage to the user.  An effective wrap must enhance grip and comfort while enduring frictional forces.  If it begins to peel or de-laminate, all performance is lost, and it becomes a detractor.  When failure is not an option, RacanaLok's patented interlocking tab design injects steadfast performance by eliminating the failure points of conventional wraps. RacanaLok technology “LOKs” in the advantages of tactical wraps.

When a firearm grip is required for safety and performance, our interlocking tab grips provide the perfect solution. Where conventional grips can fail at every point on the spine, our braided tab design reduces this to a single lock tab. It cannot be removed without reversing the sequential lacing process, eliminating accidental failure.

Many models are currently supported. More are added every day. Inquire for special Grip requirements.

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