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Racquet Sports

Tennis and Racquet Ball is a competition sport that is the perfect environment for product development.  When a superior technology solves a problem, everyone must get on board or fall behind.   RacanaLok technology solves problems associated with inconsistency in current sports wraps.  The hand wrapping aspect of current tape designs injects a hit or miss experience that is different with every application.  Whether indexing the object consistently in the person’s hand, or maintaining maximum grip with consistent feel, our interlocking wrap innovations offer many performance advantages.  Additionally, the RacanaLok design maximizes branding opportunities and packaging appeal.

  • Installs In Seconds

  • Indexes The Handle For Consistency

  • Large unobstructed Branding Area

  • Skilled Result Regardless Of Special Care Or Experience

  • Cannot Be Removed Unless Reversing The Braid Sequence

  • Simple Die-Cut Manufacturing

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